Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brain Dump: 02/04/10

Brain Dump:
Where I dump out random thoughts and tidbits from my brain into one post instead of several.


Read about Patches' latest adventure on his blog.

I have registered a team for the local Relay for Life. I hesitate a bit about sharing my link on my blog because there was no way for me to hide my last name. Even though I believe that most people reading my blog are good people, I still have little fear. How does one overcome that?

In any case, I am looking forward to doing this relay and I have already raised some money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Because of my hearing loss, I have always had a difficult time finding decent jobs. I can not hear on the phone. This makes me apprehensive in looking for work. The cartoon above shows a desirable, although not realistic, scenario.
However, because I have to earn money somehow, I thought, for the time being I would try my hand at Stampin' Up! I will be hosting my first workshop in a couple of weeks, which is both exciting and nerve-wrecking. I don't know if I'll make much money with it but it's a start.

I do not yet have my website set up, but when I do, I will try and overcome my hesitation of sharing my last name online (much like my Relay for Life situation) and post it. Unfortunately, Stampin' Up Canada does not allow me to sell to my American friends or others outside the country. But if you live in Canada and are interested in Stampin' Up products, feel free to talk to me.


This (new) blog is now 1 month old.
Hope you have been enjoying it so far.
I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions.

All that brain dumping hurt my head!
What's on your mind these days?



Brian Miller said...

good luck with the stamping...waiting ont he snow to roll in...thats about all on my mind right now...

Anonymous said...

What? You can't sell to the USA? That's stupid. I think you'll be great at it though!

When I first started blogging I was all about being anonymous and then bloggers were finding me on FB and I realized that if someone wants to stalk me they will, no matter how careful I think I'm being. So then I gave up. Luckily I haven't had a stalker yet. (knock on wood).

Jenners said...

I do think it is hard to remain completely anonymous ... unless you just don't reveal anything about yourself. I figure there are so many blogs out there that we're probably pretty safe and flying under the radar if that helps you feel better.