Saturday, April 3, 2010

Follower of the Month: Jill

Each month, I feature one of my followers as the "Follower of the Month". This gives me a chance to get to know my readers a little better. These posts go up the first Saturday of the month.

April's Follower of the Month is
Jill from Footprints on our Hearts. Jill is a fellow bereaved parent and I met her online just a few months ago. This was a good chance for me to get to know Jill a little better, and now I'd like to introduce you to her too. Without further ado, here's Jill:

1.What's your name? (real or user)


2.Tell us a little bit about you.

I live in Vermont with my husband, two step-kids, and golden retriever, Takeo. I am a mom to twins in heaven, Emma and Chase.

3.When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging after the loss of my twins. Someone told me about Carly’s site, To Write Their Names In The Sand. Once I visited her site I was connected to other bloggers and right away I knew I wanted to start a blog of my own.

4.Tell us a bit about your blog(s).

I started Footprints on our Hearts in memory of my twins and have connected with so many wonderful and amazing people. My blog is a way for me to express my feelings and to share my love for Emma and Chase. I have never thought of myself as a writer and never thought I would have a blog, but in a way this is my therapy.

5.Has blogging changed you or your outlook on life at all?

Blogging has linked me to people from all over the world and has opened my eyes. I am thankful for all the people who I have met and been connected with and to all the people who share in my story and offer incredible words of love and support.

6.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite posts from your own blog(s)

Daddy's Birthday


7.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite fellow bloggers

Franchesca was the first blogger to ever leave me a comment on a post and she continues to offer amazing support.

Handprints from Heaven

This mom and I have formed an incredible connection.

A Mother's Love

I get to meet this mom in real life in a couple of weeks!

Momma of Two Angels

8.How did you come to be a follower of mine and why do you follow me?

Hmmm, I think you may have left me a comment and then I found your blog. I remember staying up one night and reading your blogs with a box of tissues. I wanted to somehow reach out to you so I became a follower.

9.What, if anything, have you gained from reading from my blog?

In many ways you have been an inspiration to me and I love the site you created for Patches the Bear. You are bringing a little bit of joy into people’s hearts by having Patches visit them. I am looking forward to my visit! You also posted the word “thrive” as your word of the year and that post hit close to my heart.

10. Tell me the truth, you're going to brag to all your bloggy friends that you were my follower of the month, aren't you? ;)

You bet! : )

Thanks for being my Follower of the Month, Jill! It was great to get to know you a little better!

Please go visit Jill's Blog and say hello! If you're here visiting from Jill's Blog, please leave a comment so I know you were here and so I can come visit you too!

If you're interested in being a Follower of the Month, just email me.


Franchesca Cox said...

Oh, I heart Jill!!! I was so excited to see her as your follower of the month!

Just Breathe said...

How sweet of you to do that. I heart Jill too! I heart all of the baby lost mothers I follow.
Take care & God bless.

Maggie said...

I <3 Jill too! She's a sweetie! :)

Rikki said...

I have visited from Jills blog. It is such a great idea to do a follower of the month, i dont think i have ever seen something like this being done before. I have also gone and had a look at the patches the bear blog too and love that you do that too.

theUngourmet said...

What a wonderful thing...featuring a fellow blogger. It's nice to read about you Jill.

Happy Easter!

Holly said...

Jill's awesome! ♥

Jenners said...

It makes me sad that you and Jill have so much in common ... but I'm glad blogging brought you together.