Saturday, July 3, 2010

Follower of the Month: Liz

This month's Follower of the Month is Liz from Writing Mommy.

I first met Liz five years ago on SHARE. I happened to notice one day that our daughters share the same birthday, one year apart. I sent her a message and we have been in contact since.

Liz is probably one of the most inspiring people I know, and I'm very happy she has agreed to be my Follower of the Month during July... somewhat in honor of our baby girls' birthdays later this month.

Please allow me to introduce you to Liz:

1.What's your name? (real or user)

Liz H. Allen

2.Tell us a little bit about you.

I'm a mom to three beautiful children - two on earth and one in the stars - and a wife to my smokin' hot hubby for the past six years. I love writing, dancing, reading, all arts and crafts, music, computers and I have a severe Sims 3 addiction.

3.When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging June 20th, 2003 (yay, happy 7 year blog-aversary to me!) Originally I started blogging just to get my feelings out now I use it for record keeping, as a task master and to keep in touch with friends.

4.Tell us a bit about your blog(s).

I have a livejournal blog which is my regular day-to-day life. Sometimes it's really boring and sometimes (like now) I fall way behind, but that's me. My other blog is my writing blog which I keep to track my progress in becoming a one-day novelist.

5.Has blogging changed you or your outlook on life at all?

I guess the only thing it has changed is that I go through the day and I might think - this would be a great blog post. It also has opened up doors to meeting a lot of great people.

6.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite posts from your own blog(s)

Can I do 4? LOL

From a Mess to the Masses
The Washing
Ape Dance
Great Writing Advice

7.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite fellow bloggers

J Kaye

8.How did you come to be a follower of mine and why do you follow me?

hmmm, I can't remember when I started following your blogs since we've known each other for years now. I do know that I became an active read-every-post follower when Bryan started getting sick. I follow your blog because I like to be involved in your life and I never want you to think you are alone.

9.What, if anything, have you gained from reading from my blog?

I think I've gained a better perspective on you. It's the best I can do without moving to Canada. I just get to feel a little more involved.

10. Tell me the truth, you're going to brag to all your bloggy friends that you were my follower of the month, aren't you? ;)

Probably. ;)


Thanks for being my Follower of the Month, Liz! And for being my friend!

Hop on over to Liz's blog and say hi to her! If you are visiting here from Liz's blog, please leave a message so I know you were here! I'd love to meet you too.


Sarah C. said...

Great to meet Liz! I'll have to check out her blog. :)

Jenners said...

Wow ... 7 years at blogging! I'm impressed!!! That is like 100 years in regular time!