Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Good Bye Letter

Dear Cone:

You were great for playing Space Doggy

and as a vacuum cleaner

and for shoveling snow.

You protected my food and water from would-be thieves
And you made a great sneeze guard, too


am I ever glad to see you go!

(licking her paws now that her tongue reaches!)



After 2.5 months...
a broken toe... a cast... a foot cut by the cast... an infection... a hospital stay... many vet visits... sleeping on the couch since October... lots of pills.... and an annoying cone...
I'm happy to say my pup is finally healed!


Joc(e) said...

OMG, this is so funny...congratulations to Emma and her mom on her "Freedom from Being a Conehead Day"!! (((HUGS)))

Crystal Theresa said...


mallen said...

hilarious post!! So glad Emma is recovered!

PAM said...

Thank goodness! What a Fall this poor pup had. Glad all is well now.

aschmalz83 said...

Too funny!

I'm glad she's healed!!

Jenners said...

Good riddance, cone!! (Though the photos are pretty funny.) Glad Emma is back to normal!