Saturday, December 25, 2010


I made this ornament for Bear in 2006.
A Bear holding a babybear angel.
I remember coming in the room to find him looking at the ornament with tears in his eyes.
I know they are together now and he's teaching her all about Christmas.
There has been no Christmas Trees here since he left.
No decorations, lights, or presents.
No stockings, no music, no Christmas dinner.
No laughter nor hugs and Santa hasn't come.
I sure miss Christmas.
But most of all, I miss my Bear and babybear.
I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with them again.


Shea said...

I'm so sorry you're alone Ter.

Mary said...

The little bear is so sweet. I hope you can find Christmas someday.

Holly said...

That ornament is so sweet.

lisaschaos said...

Nice ornament to treasure and yes I'm sure they are together waiting for you. :0)

Crystal Theresa said...

That is a really lovely ornament. ♥