Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Lucky One

On February 8, 2002
He asked me to marry him.
The next day he included this in his daily note to me:
"I'm a lucky guy. Most guys don't even get to date a girl like you, but I get to marry you."

He was wrong.
*I* was the lucky one.

I miss him.


MemeGRL said...

Don't kid yourself--he was lucky too. You had such a gift in each other. Hoping you can focus on the sweet on this bittersweet anniversary.

Caitlin said...

What a sweet note and a wonderful memory for you! HE was lucky too, Ter, you are a strong, funny, amazing gal! I'm sure he still feels this way!

Sarah C. said...

How wonderful to have that note. I think you were both blessed to have each other. ((HUGS))

PAM said...

What a treasure to have kept the note!

Nelia said...

What a treasure that note must be to your grieving heart! Brings tears to my eyes.