Monday, May 9, 2011

Flood 2011

The photos below are from my hometown.

photo source
Facing east towards 18th St.
Grand Valley Road submerged.
Major shopping district under threat.

photo source
First street facing South.
Dinsdale Park submerged.

photo source
Picnic Shelter at Dinsdale Park

I've heard it has gotten worse since these photos were taken.
A state of emergency has been declared.

River's height (May 8): 360.49 M.
Record Flood height (1882): 361.34 M.
New Dike Height: 360.94 M.

The 3 main entrances to the city are closed.
Large chunk of the city is being evacuated.
Military has sent help.


MEK said...

wow that is just crazy. We are having flooding problems also. but not that bad!!!!

Crystal Theresa said...

oh dear.... hope it recedes soon and that people get the help they need quickly!

Jenners said...

Oh My Gosh!! Stay safe and dry and be well!

Joc(e) said...

Very scary stuff :( Thinking of all of you in the affected areas....

aschmalz83 said...

That is crazy and so sad. So many homes and belongings ruined.

Flooding hasn't been too bad here. There are quite a few people that live around my parents and my parents included that have water in their basements. We've had so much snow and now a lot of rain.

Audrey said...

I we thought we had it bad in the Red River Valley! We are used to the flooding - really feel for the people that you are talking about!
Hope they don't have to break the dike today.