Monday, June 20, 2011

My Weight Loss Journey: Same Dress, Two Years Later

(blob on left, crazy-smiley-lady on right)

The other day, I saw a cute little black dress on sale.
On a whim, I tried it on and was amazed to see
it not only fit but I liked the way I looked in it.
I totally brought it home with me!

It got me thinking about how I don't really SEE a difference yet.
I know I have lost weight because several pairs of pants are now too big
and ones that were too small now fit again,
and some of the too small ones are now too big too!

I dug out this blue dress from my closet.
I bought it to wear to my brother's wedding in 2009.
It fit then, but I felt like a blob.
(a very alone blob)

Decided to try it on and take a photo to compare.
And while I still have a very long way to go,
I can see that this blue dress is fitting me better.
Soon it may be too big!


mallen said...

You are doing excellent Teri!! Keep up the great work. I need to get "back on the wagon" with losing weight. I'm finding it difficult to find the motivation.


aschmalz83 said...

You look amazing!

Holly said...

You've done a great job!!

Jenners said...

You can really see the difference with these two photos!! Great job and keep up the good work!!!!

MEK said...

way to go!!! You look GREAT!!!

The Finseth Family said...

Ter, you are looking awesome...keep up the good is hard but very rewarding in the end...Nice to see such a big smile on your face too!

Crystal Theresa said...

you look beautiful! great job :)

PAM said...

What a difference!