Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday babybear

Today is babybear's 6th birthday.

Hard to believe 6 years has passed
since I said hello and good bye
to my little girl.
It seems like only yesterday
and forever ago.

On her angel day (Friday),
I had a few people over for a BBQ.
I made these sad looking cupcake bears.
At least they tasted better than they looked.

The balloon place closed
so I didn't get to do a balloon release.

What I wouldn't do
to have a real birthday party instead.
With a little birthday princess
instead of an angel.


Sarah C. said...

Happy birthday, Babybear! And, big ((HUGS)) to you, Ter. Those cupcakes look beautiful from here. Hope you feel her presence more strongly today. :)

DDitmer said...

Happy Birthday Baby bear!. I <3 your cupcakes!

MEK said...

They look super cute and yummy <3 Happy birthday Baby bear!

Holly said...

♥♥ those cupcakes are so adorable!!

Caitlin said...

i think they are adorable!! I wish she could have been there here on earth. I truly believe that she can see/feel how loved she is by you!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Happy Birthday Baby Bear!