Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Asked.... Weight Loss, Hearing, and Stampin' Up!

Last week, I gave my readers a chance to ask me anything. I only received a couple of questions this time around, but you can email me your questions any time.

Mallen asked: Are you doing anything in particular to lose weight?(congratulations by the way!)

A: My two biggest changes have been 1) Cutting back the consumption of Coke and 2) Getting Off My Wide Behind.

I was drinking up to 6 cans a day of Coke (and that was on an average day - if I was having a bad day, I sometimes had more!). I now only have a few a month, if that. This past weekend I had a few because I was driving on the highway and was trying to keep myself awake (it didn't work).

I started doing the Shred, but over the summer I failed to do that much. However, I started walking again in January, and not letting my chronic pain stop me. Now, I walk much further and tolerate the pain longer.

That's about it. My weight loss is slow-moving as a result, but I'm hopeful that means it's more likely to stay off. You can read more about my weight loss journey HERE.

Mallen also asked: Were you always hard of hearing?

A: Yes, I was born with a severe profound hearing loss as a result of Maternal Rubella (German Measles).

Jen asked: I was wondering how your Stampin' Up! is going.

A: Well, as with any new business, I've had my ups and downs with this business. I have some great customers, but I need to expand my customer base. A few weeks ago, I went outside my comfort zone and invited some strangers to my open house in addition to my regular customers. Unfortunately, no one came! I was so bummed. But just a few days after that, I had a SU party at a friend's and each of her guests were brand new and they all enjoyed themselves and made orders, so I felt successful again. I hope that things will continue to go in the right direction. Even though right now I am not making a lot of income, in fact, I am probably losing money, I am still enjoying it and will stick with it in hopes that it will become a successful business.

Unfortunately, due to customs and all that, I can't sell to my American friends, but if you are Canadian, you can order from my website 24/7 or join my team as a fellow demonstrator! Send me an email if you're interested! (I'll have to be brave and use some COURAGE to let people know my full name. lol)


Thanks for asking!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to me at any time! Just let me know you're asking for the segment "Ask Me!" If I get enough questions, I'll do this segment on a regular basis!


mallen said...

Thanks for answering.

love, love, LOVE the picture!!

PS I have a blog at

Jenners said...

They say slow and steady weight loss is the right way to lose weight to get it to stay off in the long term so good for you. And any business where you have to sell is hard (in my opinion).

I'll try to think of something to ask you. I'm so scatterbrained these days!