Monday, October 10, 2011

To Be Thankful...

(our last Thanksgiving Dinner, 2007)
I wish we took more photos of us.

Today is Thanksgiving.

I'm trying hard to be thankful.
This weekend marked 3 years
since my husband fell down the stairs
and ended up in the hospital for good.
It was a couple days before Thanksgiving, 2008.

How hard it is to be thankful
when your entire family has died.

I am thankful...

... for my pup.
... for my friends and other loved ones.
... to still have my house.

and every day
I will learn to be thankful again.


Jenners said...

This post just rips my heart out. Keep trying. Hugs to you.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Has it really been three years already? I think I found you and your blog a couple of years ago. Ter, you have come so far in your journey. I know your pain and sadness doesn't go away. But I'm grateful to see that you have found some things in your life to be thankful for. I especially was inspired by your last line...

"and every day I will learn to be thankful again."

My thoughts are with you today.

Loredana said...

It must be hard to be thankful but it's great that each day you give it another go at this thing called life.

Caitlin said...

for some reason your posts weren't showing up on my google reader so when I came to check on you here they were!

Anyway, I am so sorry that you had to face this holiday alone again this year! It looks like this was a beautiful meal for your last one with Bear. I'm sorry!

PAM @ CMCM said...

Ter, you inspire me. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.