Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weigh-In: October 2011

Much to my disappointment
I gained 3 pounds in September.

These are not excuses,
but just a way for me to track
what may have caused this gain.

In September,
I started to wake up earlier
to ensure my HomeStay student
wakes up in time.
(her bus comes to pick her up at 7am!!)

Being awake earlier means I eat more.
Some days I have breakfast twice!

I took a whirlwind trip
out of town one weekend
and drank lots of coke
to keep me from nodding off
as I drove.
(it didn't work, I kept nodding off.)

And while I walked almost every day,
I did not do much other exercise.

I need to find another exercise program
that does not bore me to death.
and find something that will put me
back on the right track
with my weight loss journey.

Two months of low losses
then a month of no loss/no gain
and now 3 lb gain.

Something is not working.


mallen said...

I enjoy "walk away the pounds" DVD's with Leslie Sansone.

Jenners said...

It is just a little setback. Any chance you can listen to audiobooks while you walk? That did the trick for me … it helped to pass the time and made me WANT to actually walk!

Caitlin said...

No big deal, just a small step backwards, you can do it Ter! Keep going! Push push push!

PS Hi! I've missed you! How is having the house guest going?