Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Change

While I've been doing some organizing, I've slacked on taking pictures.

So with the new year (and a new iPhone!),
let me show you a little change I made in the kitchen.

(BEFORE: Oops, didn't realize the baby angel was mooning you)

I liked the holder for my utensils, but for some reason it is shorter at the back,
so everything kept falling out, and it looked like a huge mess.

Twice a year, there is a city wide "free curb giveaway".
I found this popcorn bowl and snagged it.

It's way too heavy to use for popcorn, but then I thought,
it would work well for holding my utensils.
Just turn the word "popcorn" towards the wall.

(After. Much better)

There, that's already better, isn't it??

Have you done any organizing lately?


Sarah C. said...

What a great find and reuse! Trying to get a little organizing done around here. Starting to pull toys & clothes D has outgrown for the next consignment sale. And need to box up a few more things for donation to the thrift store.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Looks great!!!

The Tomball Three said...

Love bargains!

I love my utencil crock too. Use it everyday and it keeps my drawers pretty nice. Otherwise, I can barely open them.

We cleaned out the garage. I organized the Christmas decorations with a tub AND a label from my labelmaker!!! --- and went through the closets and did a Goodwill run.

Jenners said...

I always go nuts organizing at the start of the new year. It makes me feel good. One big project was clearing out "The Closet of Doom' in the basement and trying to find a place for everything (so everything can be in its place.)

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Looks good in the kitchen. So, do people just put stuff out at their curb and others come along and pick it up? I would have so much fun with that!