Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Day of Winter

(I meant to do this post last night)

Last day of winter
in Winnipeg
wearing sandals and capris?!

It was +24 C.

We had an unbelievable winter.
Hardly any snow.
Awesome temperatures.
Only a few days of extreme cold.
I don't think I plugged my car in more than 5 times all winter.

If all winters could be like this one, I'll be happy!

But I won't say we've managed to escape winter, until it's officially summer!
(remember 1997?)


Jenners said...

I know! It is like winter never really happened! I wonder what will happen next year?

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Happy Spring!

We had about 10 days of amazing weather. This week has been normal though. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow:(