Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You Asked (Well, Caitlin Asked) ...

A couple of weeks ago, I invited you to play along another round of Ask Me. Caitlin sent me a list of questions, so here they are with my answers!

I wonder: any recipes you have been having a lot lately?

I tend to go for simple but yet delicious meals.  Here are a few recipes I've had recently that you might like:

I really need to get back to posting some recipes on my Kitchen Blog.

what is your go-to lunch? It is the hardest meal for me to think of,...

Leftovers. If there are any.  Did that help you at all? :)

where/why do you have chronic pain?  whats the plan?

I've actually been considering to write a post about this, but I was waiting to see the specialist. At this rate, I feel like I'm never going to see the specialist, so I mind as well write a bit about it now. I'll do a longer post if people seem to want one. (edited to add: I finally heard from the specialist the day after I posted this! I have an appointment but it's not until August 28)

My pain is everywhere. I've been 'unofficially officially' diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my doctor but apparently to get an official diagnosis I need to see a specialist.    (Click HERE to see a definition of Fibromyalgia)

I've been taking pool therapy for the last 10 weeks (this is the last week of class), but it hasn't made much difference. Stress makes it worse. I feel better when I'm exercising but lately I've had to choose between getting things done around here ( my work, and housework) and exercising because, physically, I haven't been able to do it all and I've had a lot of extra things to do the last few months.  As a result my weight has been creeping back up. It really affects every aspect of my life. There is no way to really describe how bad it is, except perhaps to say that it sometimes depresses me more than the loss of my daughter and husband, and that's pretty bad.

The pain started many years ago, but since my husband passed away it has gotten worse because I can no longer get him to do things when my body hurts.  There is no cure for Fibro, and the only thing that I've read about that seems to help the pain is anti-depressants, but I'm being stubborn and refusing anti-depressant. I made that decision after my daughter was born because I do not want to numb my feelings when it come to her, as that's all I have.

So, that's where I stand now... unofficially officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 

How is it going with the TEENAGER IN YOUR HOME?!
Don't get me started. It hasn't been the most pleasant experience. Not because she's a teenager, necessarily. Prior to agreeing to host her for the school year, I had asked the homestay coordinators if there were any other issues besides her hearing loss. I asked this knowing that more than half the students in the school for deaf have underlying issues besides their hearing loss.  They told me no, it was just her hearing. Turns out they LIED because they were desperate to find someone to take her.  She has the mental capacity of a child aged 3-7, along with some of the issues that a child aged 3-7 would have.  I won't get into a lot of details. The hardest part is that her parents and the homestay program are refusing to meet half way to get her some help with various issues, and have basically just dumped this child in my lap, and leaving me to deal with all of her issues. (I found out they did this to hosts of other students as well) I'm really on the fence about wither to keep her on next school year or not. I feel very guilty about this and not to mention the money is nice. But the stress (as mentioned in the previous segment) is hard on me and makes my body worse.

Thank you for your questions, Caitlin!!!   Ask Me will be a somewhat regular segment around here, so keep on asking me anything! Email me your questions. 


Jenners said...

First of all, your hair looks great.

Second, I hope you get some help for your pain. No one should have to live like that. And I use antidepressants myself and it doesn't "take away" your feelings but it helps to smooth them out. If it might make your pain more manageable, I'd encourage you to at least give them a try. You can always stop them.

This situation with the teenager sounds very wrong. It doesn't sound like it is worth the money to deal with the stress of what you are going through. It sounds like you were used!!

Caitlin said...

I agree with Jenners- AWESOME hair, so sorry about the teenager situation- what in the world? So terrible! for you and that poor girl!
And lastly, sorry to read about your fibromyalgia! We have a family friend who has that, and she has gotten some relief from antidepressants, like you mentioned. I understand why you are against them though, but might be worth a try? Not sure, thats a toughie... But so sorry to hear you are in pain.
Thank you for answering my questions! :)