Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rescue {updated}

Because it was raining this morning, 
I drove to the Farmer's Market instead of walking.
It was a good thing I did, because look! I found this poor lost guy:

Standing in the rain.

He didn't have a collar or anything
and looked as though he'd been out in the rain for a while.
I was able to lure him to my van
after a woman walking her dog gave me some treats.

I took him home:
Relaxing on my couch

I dried him off the best I could 
and gave him some water and treats.  
He didn't want kibble.

 He is such a sweet dog!! Very gentle.
He did pee in my living room though.Oops. 3 times. Triple Oops.

After a while he started to give me kisses and snuggles.
Emma doesn't know what to think...

Finally, after some effort, and some help by fellow dog-lovers, 
I was able to get a hold of the Animal Services.
I took him there this afternoon. I miss him already!
I hope they find his family.

Update: I called them on Monday & asked if his family had been found.  At that time, no one had claimed him, and they told me that if no one claims him by Thursday or Friday, he will be up for adoption. Knowing they are full to the max, I offer to foster him if my dog will allow it. They tell me to contact them on Thursday.On Thursday, I contact them first thing, and no response. Finally, at the end of the day, they respond and tell me that they put this poor guy down. :(  They say he showed aggression towards the vet, and that was their excuse. Poor guy was probably scared, and I do not think they gave him a chance. My heart hurts.


Controlling My Chaos said...

He is a cutie. You are so kind to help him out, Ter.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

What? Why would they do that, when they knew there was someone will to take him in? My heart is broken reading the outcome to what was otherwise a heart-warming story.

Jenners said...

OMG .. what a sad sad story!!!! I'm glad he had some kindness from you in last days.

Caitlin said...

oh no!! that is HORRIBLE!