Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Finally got my clothesline installed.
It belonged to my great auntie Gert and after she died, I found it in her shed and brought it home.
It was great to use it yesterday finally.
Do you see the squirrel climbing the tree?

p.s. today is babybear's 7th birthday.
I celebrate her angel day, but not her birthday.
Goodness knows though, that I think about her every moment that I am alive.


Jenners said...

I'm always happy to see people reuse things that are useful like this. And I think this kind of clothesline is better than the long ones.

Hugs to you. This isn't the type of anniversary anyone wants to have.

Caitlin said...

7 years old? Oh, how time flies, though I'm sure it seems like forever for you. Happy birthday to your sweet girl- i am so sorry she isn't with you today!
And good job on the clothesline- your clothes will smell so fresh!

Sarah C. said...

((HUGS)) Thinking of you today and your special birthday angel.

I like the clothesline - what a nice find and good idea to reuse. Would love to have one at our next house.