Sunday, October 28, 2012

In her memory

 On October 13th, we had our 6th annual Walk to Remember. Approximately 100 people showed up.

 Last year, Holly won a giveaway on my blog. We were surprised to find out we lived in the same province. She came to the walk with her family and it was great to finally meet her.

 I released a pink and a white balloon for my little girl and her daddy.

On October 15th, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day, I lit candles as part of a World Wide 'Wave of Light'.

 We also were introduced to Patch. You can read about Patches replacement and sign up for a visit HERE. 

This week as I approach the anniversary of my due date, I can't help but wonder about this little girl and who she could have been. She would be 7 years old this year. I miss her every day. 

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Sarah Coggins said...

Delinquent in seeing this and posting, but you have been on my mind. I even remembered this year to light a candle. Hope you are doing well. ((HUGS))