Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Review: Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory - Starring Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds plays Frank Allen, a list-making efficiency expert who gives lectures on time management. His entire life revolves around lists and schedules. Then one day, his wife asks him to return some movies on his way to work. This causes him to be 10 minutes late and, as a result, his entire life changes.

The bulk of the movie focuses on Frank's transition and acceptance that his life is not entirely in his own control.

In my opinion, this movie was somewhat slow moving despite the story line being decent. In the beginning of the movie, I found myself being a bit emotional because I knew that his life was going to change and it was entirely out of his control. I felt empathy towards Frank because every time he tried to explain something, the other person would not listen. This only made things worse, and further changed Frank's life.

There were some parts of the movie where I found myself laughing out loud, but mostly I felt sorry for Frank. I also couldn't quite grasp Ryan Reynolds as a geeky kind of guy.

All in all, the movie was ok. I am not disappointed for watching it, but I wouldn't necessarily put it top of the list either.

(note: this review was taken from the drafts on my original blog.)


Vickie said...

I can't grasp Ryan Reynolds as a geek either.

Thanks for grabbing my button:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I won't bother watching then. I'm not a huge fan of him anyways.

Jenners said...

I never even heard of this movie ... but I'm not really up on movies anyway.