Friday, May 13, 2011

Flood 2011: Before/After Flood Comparison Photos

As mentioned previously,
my hometown of Brandon has been devastated by the worst flood on record.
Below are some photos that show before/current.
Believe it or not, it is expected to get worse.

Dinsdale Park & 1st Street

1st Street & Soccer Park

Overlooking Corral Centre

18th - 1st facing North
shaded orange is mandatory evacuation area

Looking West on the low road towards Shilo

(all photos from source)


Caitlin said...

oh my goodness! How horrible!! Is this from where you live now, or where you used to live? Is your family/your house okay? That is horrible flooding!

Audrey said...

Those are great photos! Was wondering where I could find some comparison ones :)

Still dying laughing here about your carrot comment on my blog :)
Luke's not so sure though - LOL

aschmalz83 said...

That is terrible. So many floods this year! :(