Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weight Loss Journey: Toning Up

looking for muscles...

I've been a bad blogger lately, both reading and writing blogs.  Life has gotten in the way. I'm back to work full time plus I'm still going to the gym and doing my craft business, Plus everything else.

I thought you might like an update on my weight loss journey (is anyone still reading this blog?) I'm not yet comfortable with sharing full body in-my-underwear pics yet, but here is a time line photo of my arms, which I've gotten several comments about over the last couple months. The first photo is a crop of THIS PHOTO from 2011 when I was goofing off. I took a picture in March because I wanted to see if there was a difference, and then I took another photo today. As you can see my arms are toning up a bit.

My weight loss is moving very slowly. The number on the scale hasn't changed much at all, in fact, it went up again, but my body itself is starting to show some very slight changes.

I also did my measurements the other day and here's what I discovered:

June 2008 vs June 2013
Bust - down 2.75
Waist - down 1 or 3.8 (depending where it was measured in 2008, my trainer measured my waist in 2 spots)
Hips - down 3.25
Thighs - down 4.5
Arms - up 0.5

The trainer forgot to do my abs but when I checked on my own it was down about -10 but that doesn't seem right to me...

Anyway, that's where I am in the progress. Some days I feel like it's going way too slowly and that there isn't any progress, but people are commenting a lot on my arms, as I mentioned, and my clothes are fitting better, and in fact, a pair of jeans that were too tight last year are now too big for me, so I guess things are happening.  They say you're always the last to notice, so I hope that I will see it soon.  Taking pictures like this helps, though I'm still at the stage of wondering if I'm just imagining what I see.

The gym itself is going well. I'm enjoying it. I know that my work out is quite modified because of my fibromyalgia but I am not letting it stop me. Nosireebob. I am going to DO this.


Sarah Coggins said...

You are doing awesome! I can totally see the difference in your arms. It is slow, but keep at it - you will get to your goals. :)

Caitlin said...

Good for you! I can definitely see a difference!! Keep it up! I'm impressed